Goodbye yellow brick road: Elton John thanks fans at final show – National

Goodbye yellow brick road: Elton John thanks fans at final show – National

After more than 50 years as a successful touring artist, the Rocket Man is finally going home.

During the last concert of his Farewell Yellow Brick Road tour on Saturday, Elton John called performing for his dedicated fans his “lifeblood,” and thanked them for supporting his lengthy career.

The iconic 76-year-old musician previously announced the show at the Tele2 Arena in Stockholm, Sweden would be his last. John began the tour in 2018 and performed 330 shows around the globe. (The Farewell Yellow Brick Road tour was halted for nearly two years due to the COVID-19 pandemic.)

John was on stage for two-and-a-half hours on Saturday and played 23 hit tunes in four different campy, glittering outfits.

While sitting at his grand piano, John told the crowd of thousands how much “I adore to play live.”

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“It’s been my lifeblood to play for you guys and you’ve been absolutely magnificent,” he continued.

John thanked his “kick-ass” band for the Farewell Yellow Brick Road tour.

Coldplay frontman Chris Martin called in to John’s concert while on stage at his own show in Gothenburg, Sweden, on the same night.

Martin, 46, praised John’s extensive and much-loved career to his own audience.

“We want to say from all of us here, all the artists you’ve loved and inspired and helped — we love you so much, we’re so grateful for everything you’ve done for us,” Martin said amid raucous applause.

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Martin also noted John’s lifelong work with his AIDS foundation, his advocacy for the LGBTQ2+ community and his fashion influence.

“We love you so much, happy retirement and we’re going to miss you so much,” Martin said.

Before closing the show with his song Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, John said: “I’ve had the most wonderful career, beyond belief. Fifty-two years of pure joy playing music, how lucky am I to play music?”

“But I wouldn’t be sitting here if it wasn’t for you. You bought the singles, albums and CDs and, more importantly, you bought the tickets to the shows and you know how I love to play live,” he said to his fans. “I will never forget you guys.”

Though the Stockholm show marked the end of his touring career, John said he may still perform in a “one-off thing.”

On Instagram, the five-time Grammy winner shared several posts about his 330-show run. One video contained a clip of his 2018 interview with Anderson Cooper where he announced he would retire after the tour.

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“What a journey this tour has been and now we find ourselves at the end of it. Tonight is the final night,” John wrote.

Celebrities and fans alike have congratulated John on the end of his tour.

Donatella Versace commented on John’s Instagram post, writing, “I love you so much @eltonjohn. I will forever be proud of your exceptional achievements- you are a true genius.”

Singer Brandi Carlisle also wrote, “You did it Captain! incredible work ethic and stamina.”

In a separate press release to mark the end of his tour, John echoed his own bittersweet farewell.

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“When we set off on my final tour in 2018, I couldn’t have foreseen in my wildest dreams the twists and turns and the highs and lows this tour — and the whole world — would have experienced in the next 5 years,” he wrote.

“I’m trying to process it, and I don’t think it will sink in for a while yet that I’m finally finished touring. I can’t tell you how much I’m going to miss the fans and how much their support has humbled me — it will stay with me forever.”

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