Grown man has full-blown tantrum over crying baby on airplane – National

Grown man has full-blown tantrum over crying baby on airplane – National

A video of a grown man having a full-blown temper tantrum over a crying baby on an airplane is going viral over the way he yells at flight attendants and makes a huge scene with a profanity-laced tirade.

The video, titled “Belligerent passenger causes diversion,” has racked up hundreds of thousands of views on TikTok, with many people feeling far more sorry for the screaming baby and the man’s surrounding passengers.


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The angry man, who is not identified in the clip, can be heard becoming increasingly irate, swearing more than 20 times as he yells at airline staff.

“You’re yelling,” one flight attendant says to the angry passenger on the Florida-bound flight.

“So is the baby!” the upset man says, while his embarrassed seatmate places her hand over her face.

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“That child has been crying for 40 minutes,” the man can be heard shouting in the clip, which was recorded by another passenger who laughs at the absurdity of the man’s argument. “Calm the child down, please. I had headphones on, I was sleeping.”

When one of the attendants points out that there’s a difference between a grown man yelling and a baby crying, he screams back: “Did that motherf—-r pay extra to yell? F–k you, and shut up.”

When asked to lower his voice, he replies: “Can you lower that voice? … F–k, lower that baby’s voice. I’m triggered, f–k that baby.”

While some people were sympathetic to the man’s plight and agreed that they, too, would have been annoyed at a baby crying for 45 minutes, far more pointed out that babies (even screaming ones) have a right to be in public and that this man was just as guilty for causing a scene.

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“It’s called empathy people [sic],” wrote one person under the TikTok video. “Can you imagine how stressed & embarrassed the parents probably are. Babies exist & they can’t help their cries.”

“Grown man should be able to control himself, a child cannot. Hope they ban him forever,” wrote another.

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The conclusion of the video shows the man inside the airport, pleading his case with airline workers and police, before officers escort him away.

It is unclear whether the man faced any charges or action from the airline or police.

In a statement shared with Today, a representative for Southwest Airlines said, “We do not have details on this flight to share but commend our flight crew for their professionalism and offer our apologies to the other customers onboard.”

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The incident comes just days after Toronto Blue Jays pitcher Anthony Bass tweeted his outrage over a United Airlines flight attendant he claimed made his pregnant wife get on her “hands and knees” to clean up a mess made by their children.

Reaction to the tweet ignited a debate on who is responsible for picking up after untidy passengers. Some called for shame on the United Airlines staff member for asking a pregnant person to clean the mess, while most others celebrated the employee for insisting that customers ought to clean up after themselves.

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