Lucky Canuck: Meet a Canadian who’s won $1 million for a 2nd time

Lucky Canuck: Meet a Canadian who’s won $1 million for a 2nd time

When people say, “Crazier things have happened,” they’re likely referring to situations like this.

One New Brunswick man is setting new standards for what it means to have “good luck,” as he recently became a two-time $1 million Atlantic Lottery winner.

Jim Slater of Shediac Cape, N.B., previously stumbled upon a seven-figure Scratch’N Win ticket in 2011. He said there was “not a chance” he’d ever expect it to happen again — but on July 11, the unexpected occurred.

“As soon as you see the validation that says $1 million, you know it’s real,” Slater said, noting he first learned of his win by scanning his Lotto 6/49 ticket on the company’s mobile app.

But this time, he won’t be celebrating his second victory alone.

Slater will be splitting his wins with Bill Eisner, a long-time friend whose been playing the lottery with him for more than two years.

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“We sort of shocked Bill when we called him,” Slater said, mentioning that his wife told him to call Eisner as soon as he found out.

Eisner, who’s from Moncton, said he wasn’t sure what to expect when he first received the call, adding that it was quite early in the morning.

“My wife was going berserk, it freaked me out until the reality set in there,” Eisner said. “I haven’t grasped it yet.”

“He’s won more often than I have,” he laughed.

Already retired, Eisner said he plans to use some of his earnings to purchase a new truck.

As for Slate, he said he plans on hitting the road.

“Get a travel trailer and go west. I’ve never been cross-country. I’ve been to Edmonton and B.C., but not across. And hopefully down through the States and come back to the east coast,” he said, adding that the win will provide him peace of mind.

“It’s just nice to know it’s there for the future because there’s going to be repairs to the house.”

The two won their million-dollar prize on Lotto 64/9’s Gold Ball draw. The draw occurs every Wednesday and Saturday, guaranteeing a winning ticket on every draw.

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Winnings can go all the way to $60 million depending on the circumstances, but at least $1 million will be won per draw unless a gold ball is selected — which would reward the lucky player with a separate, growing Gold Ball jackpot.

“A white ball was drawn on the July 12 draw, leading to Slate and Eisener’s $1-million win,” a release from Atlantic Lottery said.

The winning ticket was purchased at Wilson’s gas station in Shediac. The retailer will receive a selling prize of one per cent.

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