Nearly naked biker arrested in Hamilton

Nearly naked biker arrested in Hamilton

HAMILTON – A Hamilton, Ont. man is facing several charges after taking an early-morning motorcycle ride wearing nothing but a T-shirt.

Police spotted the nearly-nude 40-year-old going down a city street dotted with shops and homes at around 4 a.m. on Sunday.

The man tried to get away once he saw an officer, momentarily loosing control of his bike before steadying himself and speeding away.

Police caught up with the nearly nude man a short time later. He tried to flee on foot, but was arrested close to his home after a brief struggle.

Acting Staff Sgt. David Hennick said the man had been drinking, but was not impaired.

Despite his nudity, the pants-free rider was not charged with indecent exposure.

“No one else was around, it was just the officer and the accused,” said Hennick.

“It is kind of bizarre,” he chuckled.

The man faces several charges, including flight from police, dangerous driving and failing to wear a helmet.