New video shows altercation between car and bikers before road rage incident

New video shows altercation between car and bikers before road rage incident

A new video recorded by witnesses to a road rage incident last week has emerged, showing what appears to be the suspected driver of a crashed vehicle throwing an item at a group of motorcyclists.

A violent road rage incident between a vehicle and several motorcyclists on Highway 401 on Thursday, Sept. 22 resulted in a fiery crash and a slew of charges against the driver of the car.

The newly obtained video was taken by a passenger in a vehicle travelling behind the black VW Golf that is believed to have crashed after the altercation.

The car in question can be seen driving behind the motorcyclists before swerving off to the right.

As the car approaches the two motorcyclists up ahead, a white object can be seen flying across the left lanes in the direction of the bikers. The witness taking the video can be heard saying ‘Whoa, he threw something at them’ as their vehicle approached a white object in their lane.

The witness said it was a fast-food drink cup the driver of the Golf threw out the window.

In a separate video taken by the same witness, the motorcyclists can be seen performing stunts on the highway, occasionally picking up speed and driving with one wheel suspended in the air.

(See the videos below)

The new footage comes just a few days after the girlfriend of the driver charged in the crash told CTV Toronto that the incident resulted in her being punched in the face by one of the motorcyclists.

The woman, who did not want to be identified, said she and her boyfriend were driving home on westbound Highway 401 when six motorcyclists started performing stunts and blocked vehicles who tried to pass.

The woman said her boyfriend pulled into the curb lane and she exchanged obscenities with one of the motorcyclists. The biker then smashed her side mirror and followed their vehicle off the highway to the Dixie Road off-ramp with the other bikers, she said.

The woman said she got out of the car and confronted one of the bikers, grabbed him by the neck and demanded to know his name. She claims the biker punched her in the face before he and the rest of the bikers fled the scene.

Her boyfriend chased them but lost control of his vehicle, causing it to rollover and burst into flames.

He escaped with non-life-threatening injuries.

The motorcyclists fled the scene.

The driver of the Golf, identified as 22-year-old Andrei Sisu, was later charged with several criminal and highway traffic charges, including dangerous operation of a motor vehicle, driving under suspension and possession for the purpose of trafficking.

He made a court appearance today and is out on bail.