‘No excuses’: Driver gets dad’s car impounded going 131 km/h in 50 zone

‘No excuses’: Driver gets dad’s car impounded going 131 km/h in 50 zone

Police north of Toronto say they’ve arrested a young driver and charged him with stunt driving in his father’s car after he was allegedly caught going 131  km/h in a 50 km/h zone.

York Regional Police released footage of the incident, in which the driver’s dad’s car was impounded, just “minutes” after he had passed his G Class driving licence exam.

The video released by police blurred the vehicle’s licence plate and did not identify the driver or his father.

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The video, which appears to have been recorded from inside a police cruiser, shows officers speaking to the driver.

“I have no excuses,” the driver can be heard saying before one of the officers responds.

“One-hundred-and-thirty-one in a 50, so with that speed you’re going to lose your licence and you lose your vehicle,” the officer says.

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That speed comes with a stunt driving charge, which includes vehicle impound and a 30-day licence suspension.

The driver tells police the car belongs to his father and that, 10 minutes earlier, he got his G licence.

“I hope we never meet again,” the driver can be heard telling the officer, who says he hopes he has learned his lesson.

The video ends with the car being towed from the scene.

York Regional Police say they recorded 118 stunt driving charges in January alone.

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