Poppy-stamped motorcycle plates coming for vets

Poppy-stamped motorcycle plates coming for vets

TORONTO – Ontario’s government says it won’t forget the war veterans who ride motorcycles.

Starting next spring, they will be able to get poppy-stamped licence plates for their bikes.

Veterans have been able to get specialty licence plates for their cars and trucks since 2003, and the government says almost 33,500 have been issued.

The provincial government said earlier this month that it would add motorcycle plates to the popular veteran’s plate program.

With the new motorcycle plates coming out in the spring, veterans should be able to have them on their bikes for next year’s Remembrance Day ceremonies.

The government says the plates are free of charge to veterans but the Royal Canadian Legion charges a $5 fee to verify eligibility.

“These licence plates are a fitting tribute to the heroism of those who served in our armed forces and made sacrifices to defend freedom and democracy,” Government Services Minister Harinder Takhar said Wednesday.

“Their bravery and dedication is an inspiration to all Ontarians.”