Road rage incident near Toronto sends 1 to hospital

Road rage incident near Toronto sends 1 to hospital

A road rage incident near Toronto sent a motorcycle rider to hospital with potentially life-altering injuries last week, police say.

Ontario provincial police say the incident took place on Thursday in the area of Harmony Road and Highway 401 in Oshawa, Ont.

Investigators allege that the two motorcycles were initially driving on either side of the SUV, before pulling up in front of it and quickly braking.

The SUV was unable to brake in time, police say, and struck one of the motorcyclists. The victim sustained serious, potentially life-altering injuries, they said.

No charges have been laid in the incident. The investigation remains ongoing.

“Motorcyclists need to remember how vulnerable they are to injury involved in collision,” a spokesperson for the service said in a video uploaded to Twitter Saturday.

“Whether you’re right or wrong, motorcyclists are likely the ones that are going to pay the price.”

Police urged drivers to call them in incidents of road rage.

“If you have a problem, call police and we will investigate and try to calm the situation,” the officer said.