Shooting victim linked to gangs

Shooting victim linked to gangs

A King Township man who was gunned down outside a Richmond Hill gym in what police are calling a “targeted hit” had apparent ties to organized crime.

Jason Pellicore, 34, was shot four times at around 9:30 a.m. on Wednesday as he exited his vehicle at Complete Fitness located at Newkirk Avenue and Elgin Mills Road.

Investigators are now delving into Pellicore’s past to determine if his shooting was linked to organized crime, CTV’s Jim Junkin reported on Thursday.

Police sources told the Globe and Mail on Wednesday that Pellicore may have had connections to biker gangs, including the U.S.-based Bandidos motorcycle club.

York Police told CTV News that officers had been called to Pellicore’s home on several occasions in the past.

Det. Sgt. John Sheldon said based on the location and the fact that the shooting took place in the morning; it is likely that Pellicore was targeted.

Police are searching for someone seen driving a small motorcycle or moped in the area at the time of the shooting.

“This person we deemed a person of interest. He was in the vicinity, he was riding a motorbike just prior to, and we feel that he has valuable information as to who committed this homicide,” Sheldon said.

Several clients were working out at the club when the shooting took place. Club members described Pellicore as a jovial, outgoing man.

“The guys comes, does his work out; he jokes around. He was a friendly guy,” said one club member on Wednesday.

Pellicore was found at the scene with no vital signs and was taken to York Central Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

With a report from CTV’s Jim Junkin