This is what family, friends and colleagues had to say about the life of Const. Andrew Hong

This is what family, friends and colleagues had to say about the life of Const. Andrew Hong

Thousands of people gathered at the Toronto Congress Centre today to celebrate the life of Toronto police Const. Andrew Hong, a 22-year TPS veteran killed in the line of duty last week.

Hong, who was a member of Traffic Services’ Motor Squad, was fatally shot inside a Mississauga coffee shop during a multi-city rampage that also saw Milton mechanic Shakeel Ashraf and international student Satwinder Singh killed. Two others were also shot during the shooting spree. The alleged shooter, 40-year-old Sean Petrie, died later that day following an exchange of gunfire with police in Hamilton.

Several people, including Hong’s family members, friends, colleagues, and elected officials, spoke about the person he was and the life he led during the three-hour service.

Here’s is what they had to say about the ‘gentle giant:’

Andrew Hong’s daughter, Mia

“My father is a symbol of everything I want to be. He married someone as amazing as my mom, had two overachieving children, and a career he truly loved.”

“He loved his bike, he loved training, and he loved his family. When I say family, I also mean the police family. You guys are his family. You are the ones he came to work every day to see and I know you are grieving with us. I am so sorry that you have lost him a friend, a brother.”

“He was always so proud of me and always pushed me to learn more.”

“He always supported me and he was always my biggest and loudest supporter in the stands at every one of my sports games. In every video he recorded, you hear His voice, yelling and cheering. Dad, I’m so sorry you won’t be here to cheer me on in and out of sports.”

“That day, we lost a hero. We lost a friend, a brother, a son, a husband and a father. Mom, I am so sorry. You lost him. Your partner in crime the one you raised your kids with and did everything with. That day my dad was taken from me, and he was taken too soon, he still had so much of his life to live to share with his wife and kids and so many more days out on that bike.”

“Dad, I am so grateful to spend my whole life with you. I am so grateful you met mom, were there to raise me with her, and continue to watch me grow as a person. I am so grateful you were in my life. And I’m so sorry you aren’t going to be here to watch the rest of it. But I know you’ll always be with us. You’ll be with all of us.”

“Dad, thank you for everything you’ve taught me. I won’t forget it. I promise.”

Hong’s wife, Jenny

“He loved being on those bikes and doing all the details. Eventually he became a motorcycle trainer. And once that happened, I noticed the difference in him when he came home. He really enjoyed training new people on the bugs. And I can see he had a renewed sense of energy. His eyes would light up like lights and sirens every time he came home. And so I knew he was happy there. And I realized as time went on, that being a trainer was where he belongs. He was really good at it. He really enjoyed helping others and not only with Toronto but also with other police services as well. He loved his team. He loved the bikes. He loved all the new people he would meet each and every day. He really loved his job. And when and would say to me when he would come home. I can’t believe they pay me to ride a motorcycle.”

“Andrew had quite the sense of humor. He would make people laugh over the ridiculous things that he would do. He was very comical and knew how to make people laugh. And everyone who knew him loved him. That was always Andrew.”

“He was such a great father and husband and we absolutely loved spending time and family time together.”

“He was my best friend. To my children, Mia and Alex, I am sorry your father is no longer here with him. He left us so suddenly and he had so much more to give. Your father was such a giving man and you know he really loved you.”

Jenny Hong, wife of Toronto Police Const. Andrew Hong, speaks during the eulogy at his funeral service in Toronto on Wednesday, Sept. 21, 2022. Const. Hong was shot dead last week in Mississauga in what police are calling an ambush attack. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Frank Gunn

“He lived hard, laughed hard, loved hard, and worked hard.”

“He was larger than life. He was fun, loving, charismatic, a good father and a good husband. He was a dedicated worker and protector.”

“Tomorrow would be our 21st wedding anniversary. This year is the first year we are not celebrating together. So Andrew if you are listening, please know that you will always and forever be the greatest love of my life. Happy anniversary.”

Ontario Premier Doug Ford

“He loved his sisters and brothers in uniform and they loved them back. They call them Honger and say that he lit up the room with his personality. Honger loved being a cop and he loved that motorcycle of his. He was so committed to his traffic service unit that he was training the next generation of traffic service officers and that’s what he was doing last Monday.”

Toronto Mayor John Tory

“It is a privilege for me as mayor to have this opportunity to speak here today on (Torontonians) behalf to not only express our sympathy, but also our deepest gratitude for Andrew service to us and to thank his family for sharing him with us. I happened to meet Andrew a few times by chance and his warmth and his presence quickly told me who he was: a good person and a good cop. There isn’t a speech or a ceremony that could ever ease the terrible pain caused by what happened to Officer Andrew Hong, but hopefully today will make us think, think about him and his family, think of the police family, think of the work that they do, and think of the anguish this causes and think about why it happened.”

Ontario Solicitor General Michael Kerzner

“Some lives are so vivid it is difficult to imagine them ended, and some voices are so vibrant and distinctive it hard to think of them silenced. And today, we remember Const. Andrew Hong, a man whose life had one mission: to serve and to protect. And today we remember him and know his journey of keeping our community safe exacted a heavy toll. There is no loss greater than the loss of one of your own.”

“…he was a man of unassailable integrity, whose heart was made for friendship.”

“We should live as Andrew lived: with dedication and devotion to his community.”

Toronto Police Services Board Chair Jim Hart

“While he will be deeply missed, I know Const. Hong will be fondly remembered through the many lives he has touched over his career, and indeed his life, and the incredible friendships he has made. There’s no doubt that his powerful and positive legacy will endure in Traffic Services, throughout the Toronto Police Service, and beyond as he’s remembered by all those who knew and loved him, as you recall his beaming smile, his positive outlook, and his immeasurable dedication to his work and to his family.”

Toronto Police Chief James Ramer

“Heroes in life, not death. You will hear those words spoken today, tomorrow, forever. More than just a quote or a motto, it is a creed, an ethos, a way of life. A life defined by service, a life of a police officer. The life of Const. Andrew Hong, a cherished colleague, a beloved mentor, and most importantly a husband, a father and a son. And this is the life of the hero we mourn and celebrate today, shoulder to shoulder side by side.”

Interim Toronto police chief James Ramer speaks at the funeral of Toronto Police Const. Andrew Hong during his funeral service in Toronto on Wednesday, Sept. 21, 2022. Const. Hong was shot dead last week in Mississauga in what police are calling an ambush attack. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Frank Gunn

“Courageous, a true professional, friendly, joyful, positive, happy, gentle and kind, a big person with a big heart. All of Toronto grieves. I am blessed to have met you. You are a stand-up man that everyone should model themselves after. A hero has fallen. An angel has risen. These phrases, these words represent only some of the outpouring of gratitude we have heard in recent days for Andrew’s life and devotion to duty.”

Acting Supt. Matthew Moyer of Traffic Services

“He spoke with such great confidence about his family. He is the guy on our job who demonstrated balance.”

Toronto police Const. Dawood (Sheikh) Khurshid of Traffic Services – Motor Squad

“He was so powerful that even the motorcycle was scared of him. His positive and exuberant energy exceeded the infectious personality of his motor.”

“Love for all, hatred for none was Honger’s way of life. Andrew was an amazing ambassador for the service at community events and exemplified the squad’s core values of pride, loyalty and dedication.”

Toronto Police Association President Jon Reid

“Andrew was a presence not just by stature, but by his personality. He got along with everyone. He loved the motor squad. The motor squad loved him. The motor squad attendance from all over Canada and the United States is a testament to unique connection these officers share. But Andrew was more than a motorcycle officer. While many people see a uniform, there was a big heart underneath.”

TPS Chaplain Reverend Frank Lim

“He is known as a gentle giant with a big heart and we’re going to miss his presence. Which brought joy, laughter and peace. His sudden death and a cowardly evil criminal has brought great sadness upon all of us.”

“Constable Andrew Hong’s love for policing, being proud of his work, the uniform, serving and protecting the public, even giving his life so that others can live, he lived the greater love. I know we talk about his legacy of service, of excellence in policing and protecting others, but I want to add, greater love. He made the ultimate sacrifice and I understand that is sudden and tragic death has shocked many people, especially uniformed personnel.”

“Const. Hong’s joy and giant size hugs remind us to live our lives with greater love to wear our uniforms with pride and greater love.”