York police say motorcyclist was doing 179 km/h

York police say motorcyclist was doing 179 km/h

York police say they nabbed a motorcyclist who was driving about 120 kilometres per hour over the speed limit on Thursday.

The motorcyclist was caught as officers were doing radar checks on Jane Street between Major Mackenzie Drive and Teston Road in Vaughan, police said Friday in a news release.

“At approximately 11:15 a.m., the officer observed a 2010 Yamaha Z600 motorcycle travelling northbound at a high rate of speed,” police said.

“The radar equipment determined the driver was speeding 119 kilometres per hour over the posted limit.”

The posted limit was 60 km/h, meaning the motorcyclist was going 179 km/h.

Mark Valentin, 23, of Maple has been charged with excessive speed under the Highway Traffic Act.

Police say they have suspended the accused’s licence and impounded his motorcycle for seven days. No allegations against Valentin have been proven in a court of law.

York police say high-speed driving is extremely dangerous, as it dramatically increases the risk of serious injury or death to both the driver and those around them.

“Incidents involving young drivers are especially troubling as the level of driving experience is low and the ability to react to a dangerous situation may be compromised by the driver’s inexperience,” police said.

York police have a road watch program that allows people to report dangerous or unlawful driver behaviour.