Ontario town hosts traditional Friday 13 biker rally

Ontario town hosts traditional Friday 13 biker rally

PORT DOVER, Ont. – It’s Friday the 13th and bars and restaurants say they’re ready to welcome tens of thousands of visitors expected to descend on Port Dover.

Thousands of motorcycle enthusiasts often rumble into the Lake Erie town for a traditional rally held each Friday the 13th.

At the Fisherman’s Catch, they’ve been stocking up on extra food and scheduling more staff.

And it’s the same story at the Beach House, where co-owner Peter Knechtel says they’re expecting to serve thousands of customers.

The Port Dover Board of Trade says the economic impact of Friday the 13th isn’t limited to just one day.

And manager Jan Overend says they’re likely to see many more people in July when the next Friday the 13th rolls around.

Friday the 13th is a very profitable day for the local restaurants and hotels and provides a nice economic boost before the busy summer season, Overend said.

Not everyone is planning on staying in town or going to work in Port Dover today.

Some residents usually leave town, while some businesses close for the day.