Police urge caution as motorbikes return to streets

Police urge caution as motorbikes return to streets

Toronto-area police are asking motorists to be careful on the roads as motorbikes emerge from a winter hiatus.

“As soon as the nice weather hits us the motorcycles hit the road as well, and as drivers, we need to keep in mind that we have to share the road,” said Toronto police Const. Wendy Drummond.

Over the winter, drivers may lose the habit of checking their blind spots because bikes and motorcycles have been rare, Drummond said.

Drivers may not remember to watch for bikers, and although motorcyclists have a right to be on the road, they still need to keep an eye on traffic, she said.

“Road safety is everybody’s responsibility,” Drummond said.

To stay safe, drivers need to check their mirrors often, do over-the-shoulder checks before turning or switching lanes and give other vehicles lots of space, she recommends.

In addition to watching for cars, motorcycle riders should consider that there may still be signs of winter on the roads. In a press release, York Regional Police Const. Rebecca Boyd said that sand, salt and other debris from snowplows means tires will have less traction.

Motorcyclists should be careful, particularly when turning corners or stopping, the release said. Because temperatures dip at night and winter maintenance vehicles are still running, roads may be more slippery than they usually are when the weather is warm.

Because riders have had the winter off, Boyd recommended practicing breaking, turns and balance before taking a motorcycle back on the road.