Woman seriously injured after crash involving car, transport truck in Burlington

A 52-year-old woman was seriously injured after a crash involving a car and a transport truck in Burlington on Monday, according to police.

Ontario Provincial Police Sgt. Kerry Schmidt said the crash happened on eastbound Highway 403 leading to Fairview Street.

Schmidt said the vehicle was standing on the side of the road “relatively slowly” when the female driver swerved in front of a truck exiting on Fairview Street and collided head-on with it.

The woman was trapped in the car, Schmidt said.

She was later extracted and taken to the hospital.

“The penetration into the interior was significant,” Schmidt said, adding that the steering wheel had to be removed.

Obviously, something like that (is) very serious and significant.” The entire crash was caught on camera, and it appears that the driver of this vehicle swerved right in front of the transport truck without warning him of the danger. Please be aware of your surroundings in all traffic.”

Schmidt noted that visibility in the area was good and the roads were dry.

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